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Silk's Fashions

Blimey - 2016 ALREADY?

by Silkspike on 03/12/16

... and I haven't written in my blog since 2014. Life and family were quite lively in my life over the past year and a half. I have just done a major update on my Fashions page, which was long-overdue. I also just put up two new sewing patterns for little Riley Kish. One is a halter top that is aimed at beginners, and the other is for jeans/pants/shorts, including a 15-page tutorial full of photos and instructions for making the jeans awesome. Check out my Patterns link for those. I have also re-arranged things in my living room so I have a sewing nook, which I am loving. I plan to get a lot more sewing done this year. It is the year of the fire-monkey according to the Chinese zodiac. I turn 60 this year, and our element only rolls around every 60 years, so I feel blessed to lived long enough to experience my big 'FIRE - Monkey' year that hasn't happened since the year I was born.  Woot.. move over Katniss Everdeen... I'm the girl on fire this year. :o)

I sold my first pattern today!

by Silkspike on 07/23/14

I am so thrilled. I sold my first pattern today to someone all the way over in Texas. It is truly a world-wide market we live in today. I am so grateful to my first customer and I hope she shows me her results. I feel really supercharged now and can't wait to put another pattern on my Etsy store. :o)

I opened my Etsy Shop!

by Silkspike on 07/16/14

It seems like forever since I last wrote a blog - so much has happened.  I just finished doing a runway show I do each year for the London Olympia 50+ Fashion show.  All the models are over 50, so it's a really fun show.

2014 Olympia 50+ Fashion Show

Outfit by Gerry Weber - the jacket was £130... wish I had a money tree, but if I had that much to burn, I'd buy a new doll.... LOL

Back to the real world now... I've done nothing but sit at the computer each day since, finishing my tutorial and uploading my Etsy store which can be found HERE.

I only have one pattern up now for a pair of capri trousers for Ellowyne.  We all have to start somewhere, huh?  This represents the last 2+ years of work finally coming to fruition.  It is hard work taking a paper pattern and converting it to an electronic file, complete with tutorial, but it is fun.  I just hope some of you buy my patterns!  It will help towards the cost of keeping this website online.  I am one happy bunny right now.

I've got through the learning curve of how to use Word 2010, create PDF files and open an Etsy Shop.  I guess now I'll have to open a Facebook and Pinterest page to network.  Exciting times!

Bought My First Resin Doll - Jamie Show 'Grace'

by Silkspike on 04/16/14

You know that feeling... you are bidding on a doll on e-bay.  Time can't be going by any slower, and you have butterflies wondering/worrying if your bid was high enough.  It was, and I won a JamieShow 2012 Basic Grace with a  Gen IV body from one of my favourite sellers, GABS. She included the stand and the original box, along with her original dress - PLUS - a pair of shoes, a little crocheted hat by Ewa and a wonderful lingerie set by BW.Dolls.  I am so excited about my purchase and have only The IT Girls to thank since I used part of the money I made from making their heart props to buy this gorgeous doll.  I will get her next week and I'm calling her my birthday present.  I'll inspect her then wrap her back up and not touch her for 25 days.  Nothing like generating a little bit of birthday excitement!

This is my first doll made from resin.  I won't say I'll never buy another doll, but seriously... I really do NOT need to ever buy another doll.  I hope Grace doesn't corrupt me, and I'll try not to corrupt her. ;o)

Unexpected Commercial Work

by Silkspike on 03/16/14

I have a commission from the creative director of "The It Girls".  She has just moved to my neighbourhood and is thrilled to not have to go to London for everything now.  She has me fixing and altering these heart props the girls use in their burlesque show.  She wants the lights to be built in to the hearts instead of being wrapped around them.  I've had to sew an entire new back side to cover the wires, and re-attach the trim.  It's been about 12 hours to do only one of them... but I hope to get the time down on the remaining five hearts.  I have to hand-stitch everything to follow the curve of the hearts precisely, then glue down the inside edge, but I have to leave the outside edge of the trim un-glued so it can be picked out and opened up to replace the string of lights should they stop working.  I reckon it will take me the rest of the week to finish the other five. - The girls are gorgeous and dance all over Europe.

The It Girls, UK

Sometimes work just comes right out of left field.  I had to switch my mental gears from sewing for dolls - and I think I stripped the gears!  LOL  I am enjoying the project now, and feel like I'm sewing for real life dolls now ;o)

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