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Bought My First Resin Doll - Jamie Show 'Grace'

by Silkspike on 04/16/14

You know that feeling... you are bidding on a doll on e-bay.  Time can't be going by any slower, and you have butterflies wondering/worrying if your bid was high enough.  It was, and I won a JamieShow 2012 Basic Grace with a  Gen IV body from one of my favourite sellers, GABS. She included the stand and the original box, along with her original dress - PLUS - a pair of shoes, a little crocheted hat by Ewa and a wonderful lingerie set by BW.Dolls.  I am so excited about my purchase and have only The IT Girls to thank since I used part of the money I made from making their heart props to buy this gorgeous doll.  I will get her next week and I'm calling her my birthday present.  I'll inspect her then wrap her back up and not touch her for 25 days.  Nothing like generating a little bit of birthday excitement!

This is my first doll made from resin.  I won't say I'll never buy another doll, but seriously... I really do NOT need to ever buy another doll.  I hope Grace doesn't corrupt me, and I'll try not to corrupt her. ;o)

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