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Unexpected Commercial Work

by Silkspike on 03/16/14

I have a commission from the creative director of "The It Girls".  She has just moved to my neighbourhood and is thrilled to not have to go to London for everything now.  She has me fixing and altering these heart props the girls use in their burlesque show.  She wants the lights to be built in to the hearts instead of being wrapped around them.  I've had to sew an entire new back side to cover the wires, and re-attach the trim.  It's been about 12 hours to do only one of them... but I hope to get the time down on the remaining five hearts.  I have to hand-stitch everything to follow the curve of the hearts precisely, then glue down the inside edge, but I have to leave the outside edge of the trim un-glued so it can be picked out and opened up to replace the string of lights should they stop working.  I reckon it will take me the rest of the week to finish the other five.

http://www.theitgirls.co.uk/ - The girls are gorgeous and dance all over Europe.

The It Girls, UK

Sometimes work just comes right out of left field.  I had to switch my mental gears from sewing for dolls - and I think I stripped the gears!  LOL  I am enjoying the project now, and feel like I'm sewing for real life dolls now ;o)

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