Silk's Fashions

Silk's Fashions

What a Rush!!!

by Silkspike on 02/25/14

I gave my doll presentation to the Embroidery Guild today.  I got so much positive feedback!  There were so many talented people in that room, and they seemed to be loving the dolls.  I've put up an events section on my site, and have posted photos from today there.  Several ladies asked me to do talks for their groups.  I cannot tell you how wonderful it is to 'come out of the closet' as a doll fanatic to a real live group of human beings. LOL  I felt validated!!!  I was so nervous at first that my hands were shaking, but once I got going, I went into dolly-autopilot.  I showed about 20 sixteen inch dolls, plus a few vintage Barbies.  I gave out a free Barbie pants pattern to anyone who wanted - and set out about 30 baggies full of outfits I've made over the past few years.  This has been a great big day for me.  I still have a few little butterflies in my stomach, but they are very happy butterflies. :)

Presenting my dolls to the Embroidery Guild

by Silkspike on 02/20/14

I am beginning to get very excited about my presentation next week (Tuesday, 25 Feb) at the beautiful VAF (Visual Arts Facility) in Colchester, England.  I have known about this for months, so I have been busy finishing up outfits that I wish to present.  I feel very priviledged to be able to talk to such a wonderfully talented group of women, and I hope they like my dolls.

My 'New' Website went LIVE yesterday!

by Silkspike on 01/20/14

I worked on my website all day yesterday.  I decided to go ahead and replace the old pages with the new pages and went live with them.  I know I have a lot to do - new fashions to post, pages to update to match the new look, and most importantly, getting some of my patterns online.  I have quite a few drawn up and only need to be scanned into PDF files.  I need to set up my PayPal facility so I can sell patterns and have them delivered directly to you, immediately by e-mail after a payment is made.  Please bear with me while I complete these updates.  I hope to have most of the cosmetic changes done by the end of February and the pattern store open by this summer.  It's good to have goals, and I hope to meet them.  I hope you enjoy looking at my site so far.  I have really enjoyed sewing for my dolls, photographing them, and now sharing them with the world.

The Panto is Finished!

by Silkspike on 01/14/14

I am so happy to get done with the Panto.  I sewed sheets, drew and painted scenery, and all with a horrible cold.  It figures!  It was a great show and sold out all available seating on the first night (50) so we did a Sunday show and that sold out.  We raised over 700 pounds for the RNLI (The Royal National Lifeboat Institution - The charity that saves lives at sea).  It was great fun and hosted by our local pub, the Foresters Arms.  Now I am more than ready to get back to updating this website and sewing for my dolls. :)

Sewing Sheets

by Silkspike on 12/18/13

I have just spent the week sewing sheets together.  Some of our friends at our local pub are putting on a Panto - another name for Pantomime in the UK, which is a peculiarly British tradition of winter musical comedy theater. It has nothing to do with mime - silent performers in white-face make up walking into glass or doing Marcel Marceau-type physical comedy.  British pantomime takes familiar fairy tales and children's stories - and injects a bit of music hall (British Vaudeville) sensibility, contemporary references and audience participation to create a raucous, noisy entertainment that's fun for everyone in the family.

We are hosting "Good King Wenceslas" and my husband is playing the part of Lawrence of Bohemia.

I am not in the Panto because I have a rather strong American southern accent that has no place in a British Christmas skit... but being a seamstress and rather arty - I got volunteered to do the backdrops.  That's 6 sheets - all very large.

After sewing doll clothes, sewing sheets together to an exact size is like I've shrunk down to doll size and am sewing people-sized stuff.  I'm almost finished with the sewing part... now it's time to dye the sheets various colours.  After that the serious business of painting the sheets.  Fortunately I won't have to do that part all by myself.

The Panto is in early January, so fortunately we can all take a break for Christmas before painting the sheets begins.

I am so looking forward to going back to sewing doll clothes and finishing the update on my website.

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