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Designed so beginners can find a project to make their dolls new clothes!
Dolls need accessories!
It's good fun to go the extra mile and make wigs, jewellery, hats, shoes and bags.
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Thanks!  Micki :)
Sewing for dolls has been an adventure for me.  When I show my dolls to people, they always mention the patience it must take to make my fashions.  It does take a lot of  patience, and a willingness to try, try again.  I have found this hobby to be incredibly rewarding because I have always loved fashion dolls, sewing and photography.

I hope you will give sewing for your dolls a try.

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Sewing pattern and tutorial for a robe (housecoat) for Ellowyne Wilde and friends in my Etsy Shop. Click my PATTERNS link for more information.

Go to my PATTERNS link for info on how to purchase the sewing pattern for the Riley Halter Top and Cargo Jeans pictured below.

Click on the far-right photo of Poppy Parker for a FREE step-by-step tutorial you can use to help you make a Grecian type gown for any doll.

Make your doll a handbag from a binder clip - Click on the photo below  to go to my free pattern and tutorial.
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