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Sewing Sheets

by Silkspike on 12/18/13

I have just spent the week sewing sheets together.  Some of our friends at our local pub are putting on a Panto - another name for Pantomime in the UK, which is a peculiarly British tradition of winter musical comedy theater. It has nothing to do with mime - silent performers in white-face make up walking into glass or doing Marcel Marceau-type physical comedy.  British pantomime takes familiar fairy tales and children's stories - and injects a bit of music hall (British Vaudeville) sensibility, contemporary references and audience participation to create a raucous, noisy entertainment that's fun for everyone in the family.

We are hosting "Good King Wenceslas" and my husband is playing the part of Lawrence of Bohemia.

I am not in the Panto because I have a rather strong American southern accent that has no place in a British Christmas skit... but being a seamstress and rather arty - I got volunteered to do the backdrops.  That's 6 sheets - all very large.

After sewing doll clothes, sewing sheets together to an exact size is like I've shrunk down to doll size and am sewing people-sized stuff.  I'm almost finished with the sewing part... now it's time to dye the sheets various colours.  After that the serious business of painting the sheets.  Fortunately I won't have to do that part all by myself.

The Panto is in early January, so fortunately we can all take a break for Christmas before painting the sheets begins.

I am so looking forward to going back to sewing doll clothes and finishing the update on my website.

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