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Sewing on Snaps - Poppers - Press Studs (whatever you prefer to call them) is always a fiddly little job that most of us don't really enjoy. You can make a neat job of sewing the snaps into the waistband of your trousers or skirts.

You can sew the snap on the waist so there are no stitches showing on the outside of the band. Simply sew the snap before you tack down the flap as shown in the photo below this text. Once you complete that step, tack down the flap as shown in the photo to your right. Then sew the other half of the snap set onto the inside flap of your item. You can see that once the item is fastened, the job is neat and tidy.

I normally sew snaps with a double thread and sew no more than two or three passes through each hole. Any more may be too bulky and prevent your snaps from fastening. You can also use clear thread that is like very fine fishing line. It is not fun to use, but it is practically invisible which is what you need sometimes.
Sewing Snap Sets on a Waistband
I use size 000 (5,5/5mm) snaps, but size 6mm are acceptable and easier to find.