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You know the sweater.... this one

This is actually a very nice sweater, and it is sized to fit Tonner's Tyler-style body.  Tyler is a bit of an Amazon, but this sweater is straight from the 80's - over-roomy - we all wore them - some of us still do. ;o)

I started looking at the way it was made and  decided to turn it back to front and make it skinnier. I turned the sweater wrong-side-out and started sewing right above the cuff and continued until I was right above the ribbed waistband. I took it in enough in the arms and the sides (especially the waist) that it now has a nice fit on the doll, plus it is now cardigan style.

I removed the factory plastic snaps and replaced them with new small metal snaps and positioned the decorative buttons until I got them just right.

A dolly acquaintance asked me to fix her sweater up for her, so she sent it to me from America and now her doll has a sweater that nearly matches mine. I took the opportunity to shoot both sweaters while I had hers. The doll on the left is Tyler and the doll on the right is Antoinette, both by Tonner.  I love the fun and funky transformation, and it looks great with a belt.