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Meet Clover . . .

She is your typical little girl - cute and curious. I don't own any Riley dolls, so Lel (one of my dolly friends from Wales) sent Clover over to southeast England for a few months to live with me. She was so cute, and a nice change from working with grown-up style dolls. My husband even commented several times about her cuteness; high praise indeed! Clover is a 7-1/2" Riley Kish doll. She has lots of little friends, plus a larger version as well. Riley is a bit like trying to sew clothes for a question mark! Her chubby belly and toddler shaped legs and arms are perfect for frilly dresses, but try to sew something casual for her and it gets a bit tricky. It doesn't help that her shoulders are practically non-existent compared to working with larger dolls.

"Look Mummy . . . I can fly!"
Clover helped me develop some sewing
    patterns when she visited England.
Click on the above photo to take you to the page where you may download the dress pattern and tutorial for FREE! This pattern is geared towards beginners, but anyone with sewing experience could make them in a jiffy.
I designed a little one-piece halter top that wraps around her body and fastens in the back with two snaps. It is so easy that a beginner could make it. There are three versions - each slightly different so you can have a high or low neckline, or add trim at the bottom. Your purchase includes 2 PDF files - one is the pattern, and the other is a 5-page photo tutorial.

I am also offering the pants pattern which you can make into shorts or jeans. Please go to my PATTERNS link at the top of the page for more information.
There is no doubt that Riley is cute. Look at that FACE! I made a little T-shirt dress for her because she insisted on that fabric because it was "like what the big girls wear". Clover certainly got to wear some cute new clothes whilst visiting 'Auntie Micki', but most of the time......
... she sat like this waiting - and waiting. She was sure happy to get back to Wales and see her sisters, and get to wear one of her mummy's nice warm hand-knitted sweaters for Christmas.


I borrowed Clover so I could develop a bell-bottomed jeans pattern for her. My friend, Lel adores bellbottoms, so I told her I'd make a pair for her doll so I could develop a sewing pattern to sell. She ended up with three pairs, including an adorable pair of cargo jeans. My pattern includes 2 pages of patterns (jeans, trousers and shorts) with all the seam-allowances already figured into the patterns. There are also three PDF files (5 pages each) of full colour photos and instructions. Click my PATTERN link at the top of the page to find out more.
These 3 dresses were made by JJ Hawkins of Huntington Beach, California
Click the photo to go to her Blog Spot.
Feel free to send me photos of your results and I will post them here. Ideal size to submit: Proportions: 350 pixels high for landscape and 300 pixels high for portrait.
This little dress was made by Anja from Holland. She knits and cross-stitches the tiniest things for dollhouses - The little dolly her Riley is holding is knitted! Click on the photo to visit her website. Her little dolls are on the 4th page.