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     I didn't quite know what to think of a doll by the name of Precarious, but it didn't matter. I change the names of many of my dolls. I was so taken by this doll and her wigs and eyelashes, that I decided to buy 'Think Pink Basic Precarious' brand new (gasp!), but I found 'Simply Precarious' on the secondary market, complete with her original wigs and outfit. 
I now had twins with a few little exceptions.
'Simply', who I renamed Maxine, has vivid
blue eyes, and 'Think Pink', who I renamed
Trixie, has light golden brown eyes. Their
lipstick is also slightly different, as are their
eyebrows to better match their factory wigs. Maxine came with the fabulous bright copper wig and Trixie came with a platinum bob wig. She also came with a rather strange black and white wig that I took down from its factory style, and am still not all that crazy about. The other wigs you see on this page are wigs that did not come with either Precarious doll. There is one more thing I adore about these dolls. They have fabulous "real" eyelashes.
Left: Liu-Liu and Precarious by Tonner. Both dolls have the Antoinette body style, but they are designed to wear wigs.Click on the photo to see more comparison shots.

Right: Batwing top that I made from my own pattern in soft turquoise t-shirt jersey. I made the  necklace to match.
Mix -n- Match
Dress I recycled from a blouse - Cardigan by Lel Bills
The minute I got that red wig, I knew that I had to make a dress with a full-circle skirt, chosing a fabric that looked retro - purple with white dots.  I still have a bit of tweaking to do to get the bodice pattern to fit better, but I do love the dress, so it got accessories to match. This encouraged me to make another dress - this time more classic, so I chose a solid purple fabric - true mix and match fun, and looks great with either wig.

I was so happy with the retro look, another dress idea caught my fancy.  I used the same bodice pattern, with the required tweaks, and fashioned the next dress with a pleated skirt. The blouse I used to recycle was quite old-fashioned,so it gives a more authentic vibe to the dress. The lovely little cardigan is by Lel Bills, who lives in Wales. She is not only a brilliant knitter, she also sews beautifully. She made the entire outfit in the photo on your right, including the bag and necklace.
See Lel's Flickr Photostream by clicking on the above photo
I love to make little hats to pull an outfit together. Accessories can make a simple outfit stunning. The multi-coloured dress is certainly eye-catching, but add a statement necklace, earrings and ring, and it goes from super to super-duper!

I am blessed to have a few very good dolly friends, including Carla who lives in Rotterdam in the Netherlands. She makes the most fabulous doll jewellery, sourcing small objects and incorporating them into lovely pieces. I love the necklace and earrings she made for my dolls. Trixie's ring is made from one of those toe-rings that has an invisible elastic band that goes around the toe. I wrapped it around two of her fingers, giving the illusion of a large ring.

Click my Freebies link to find the pattern by M. Dita I used to make this multi-coloured dress.

There is rarely time for me to sew for my dolls during holidays, but I did have a chance to have some fun at Halloween, which I still celebrate American-style here in England - even if I only get a few trick or treaters.

I used my batwing dress pattern, and this time made it longer with a slit up one leg. The fabric is stretchy and sheer, but not too difficult to sew. I made the essential besom (witch's broom) and accessorized with a pointy hat, embellished with a matching band and a little bat. I also made a belt with a big, sparkly buckle, plus a spider necklace. The feature of this outfit was the shoes. I love these shoes. I think they may be by Joe Tai? I bought them on the secondary market along with several other pairs of shoes at such an amazing price. These shoes are so gorgeous, and like nothing I would ever buy for myself or attempt to wear. That is what I love about dolls. They can live the fantasy, even if you are unable or unwilling. The plastic spiders were a fun prop, as well as the little tombstone.
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