Nat looks just as FAB in a casual outfit.  I bought the sweater on e-bay from China and made the shorts and belt.  She also wears a plastic barbie bracelet, and her brooch is a magnetic earring.

Natalia Fatalé Heat Seeker was from the 'Future.Perfect' collection by Jason Wu. and sold by Integrity Toys.  She was limited to 1200.  The outfit is a two-piece stretch leotard with an awesome little corset made from super-soft white leather.  I'm not really crazy about the boots - not only do they look cheap, they sit crooked on the doll's feet.  What I LOVE about this doll is the fact that she comes with two extra sets of hands - one of which has little black fingerless gloves panted right on the hand.  I love it when dolls have removable hands.  You can make nicer sleeves, and they can wear bangle bracelets as well.  I tend to call my doll 'NatFat', which is funny because she hasn't an ounce of fat on her little plastic body!
I finally just had to do it... I took down Nat's hair.  As expected, it wasn't ideal, but it looks just fine if you don't turn her upside down. ;)
The older Fashion Royalty dolls have bodies that are taller and a bit wider in the upper body than Barbie Fashionistas.  Nat loves this metallic pink Barbie gown, but it's obvious she shouldn't be seen in it from behind.

The necklace was made by Carla, my dolly-friend in the Netherlands - she makes the most perfect clasps because they are not so heavy that they are pulled backwards by gravity.  She makes these by hand, but you can just as easily make one out of the hook from a 'hook and eye' set.

I love to Photoshop my dolls whenever it is appropriate.  Since Natalia has that wild lime green eyeshadow, I decided to Photoshop the pink butterfly necklace to match her eyeshadow.
I altered her makeup in the photo to the far-right to match her pink gown.
Fashion Royalty dolls (FR12) cannot wear shoes made for any other doll that I have tried on her.  I tried Barbie Fashionistas shoes, as well as shoes that are from the original Barbies and the Repro Barbies.  I find that Sherry Fang in Hong Kong and Ellas Dolls in Australia sell some of the cutest Fashion Royalty shoes from their e-bay shops,  and I would gladly purchase from them again and again.
You can see there is a slight difference between the same dress worn by my FR12 Natalia in comparison to it being modelled by a Reproduction Barbie and a Silkstone Barbie.
Natalia has the smallest waist - like a wasp!
Natalia  FINALLY got her own kimono.  It took me some time to figure out how to construct it with no seams showing on the outside, but I finally figured it out.

The fabric is 100% silk and compliments her lime-green eyeshadow.  All she needs now is an Obi. 
Natalia reminds me of English Glamour
Model, Jordan (Katie Price).
Integrity Toys
Nat looking great in gold.  I made the blouse and the bag, bracelets
and leggings from Ellas dolls in Australia - shoes by Sherry Fang.
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Natalia  goes GLAM in a dress my mother made back in the 60's for one of my Barbies.
I added a white maribou and gave her hair an up-do, highlighted by one of my mother's old clip-on earrings.
All Divas must own a silk ensemble or two.
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This is Monogram - Dreamscape.  The Monogram Collection was created to showcase actual Jason Wu fashions  in 1/6 scale. I bought this doll (on the secondary market) because she is bald, and I fancied having a wigged doll. She came with the short wig, which I had to trim.  Mine didn't look quite like the picture to your left. The seller also included a longer wig which was full of unruly loose curls. I straightened it (surprisingly enough) with my hair tongs, and like the results, but I could probably wet it and the curls might bounce back.
Integrity Toys
My Fashion Royalty Dolls - by Integrity Toys
I may have thought at one time that Natalia would be my only Fashion Royalty doll, but I got bit by the bug and bought two more last year - A Monogram doll called Dreamscape and a Color Infusion doll named Nyasha Lauder.

My girls are now called (from left to right) Rio, Nat and Ash.  Nice and easy to type.

I got Ash for my birthday in May of 2015, but life got really busy at that time and stayed that way until the new year.  I was finally able to really get a good look at Ash in February of 2016, and to get her out of that white 'Elvis' jumpsuit.  I was dismayed (but not surprised) that Ash's hair arrived in such a big, fuzzy ball, and one of my first orders of business was to cut her hair so I wouldn't have to keep posing her with her hair pulled back into a giant wad of hair that I had to hide in a photo (such as the one of her in the two-tone pink dress further down this page).

I finally plucked up the courage (and yes, pluck is a pun) because I not only used scissors, but I actually plucked a lot of the frizzy or unruly hairs one at a time out of her head, which was quite a task since I didn't want to mess up the bits that were good.  I am not a hairdresser, but I do have enormous patience.  It took me about 3 hours to cut her hair, but I'm really pleased with the job I did.  She looks so much nicer without all that hair. I also took that bit that flops over her eye and pulled it back and anchored it with a bit of clear thread so her hair stays out of her eyes.

I already had a Color Infusion body, so I'll be able to sew for her without damaging her hair - I handle dolls a LOT when I'm sewing, so not messing up their hair is really an issue, especially when it's in tight waves like Ash's.  I love her body shape - even more than the other two dolls.  She can't share shoes with Rio or Nat, so she'll be in those big gold shoes for a long time.  I'm not crazy about her "man-hands" or her Kryten knees - you know, Kryten from the TV show Red Dwarf. LOL I am so pleased to get Ash 'up and running', and she is glad to be out of her box.

My dolls' big bracelets are ear-cuffs from Claire's, and the bangles are by Ella's dolls. The necklaces are made by my friend Carla in Rotterdam, and the houndstooth blazer is a Barbie (Sinatra) piece. The silver clutch is vintage Barbie, and the gold bag is by Ella's Dolls. The white knitted sweater on Rio is by Lel-Bills from Wales. The white top on Nat is the top she came in when I got her.  I made the yellow blazer and the skirt, as well as the black and houndstooth trousers and houndstooth bag that Rio is holding (and the matching hat).
Lovely knitted tops by Lel Bills. Click the photo to visit Lel's Etsy Shop - she is also on Flickr.
Rio wears a sweater I bought from China - I can't remember where I bought the glasses, but aren't they awesome?
Pink silk trousers and felt bag by me; necklace by Carla and shoes by Sherry Fang. She is wearing Nat's top.
Hat, bag and black trousers by me - The blazer is a Barbie (Sinatra) item, and the knit top is by Lel Bills.
I made the dress Rio is wearing, as well as the necklace, bag and hat. Her bracelet is for Barbie.
Rio is wearing her long wig in this shot. Carla made the necklace for me and I made the raglan sleeve top with a peplum.
Necklace by Carla. Knit top by Lel Bills. The bag is a vintage clutch and the bangles are from Ella's dolls. Skirt by me.
Note: The rainbow colour in Ash's hair came from a prism I have hanging in my window.