The yoga mat holder is ready to fill with a mat of your choice. There are three deep outer pockets.  It is self-lined and interfaced to keep its shape.

SPARKLING SEDUCTION GENE: Gene Marshall Dolls are desgined by Mel Odom and are 15-1/2" tall.  They are designed to imitate the look of 40's style actresses.
Lounge Socks

Recycle the mates to your lost gloves and socks!

I wish I could knit, but I can't - and I wish I didn't lose gloves and the dryer didn't eat socks, but it happens.

Fortunately, I've taken all of these elements and combined them into a tiny tutorial.

Since these gloves had little 'grippy dots', I positioned them at the bottom of the 'sock'. ~Micki x

Worn by Tonner's Antoinette.
A set I made to match a leopard print dress.