Michaela (Micki) Baxter 


                          HAIR:            RATES:
               Hello!  I am happily married and we have 5 grandchildren.

I started modelling when I was 45, after I'd moved to England from America. You might ask why I would start modelling at such a late age. People have told me my whole life I should be a model, but I always wanted to do my art and just felt happy to be that tall skinny chick. It's amazing what a new start can do!  Modelling just dropped in my lap when I moved to England, so I gave it a go. I am having a BLAST meeting new people and exploring my potential. I am now in my 60's and have semi-retired from modelling, but that doesn't mean I don't want new jobs. :o)
 I worked with over 100 photographers during my 'heyday', but I'm always happy to work with anyone who has some great ideas that will add to my portfolio. I've been told I am easy to work with and have fun ideas. The slide shows featured here represent my commercial work and my favourite photos through the years.

I am naturally slim, but I'm far from perfect since I'm a grandmother - and face it, I'm no 'Spring Chicken'. I've never had plastic surgery, so you get me 'as is'. Today's woman wants to be represented by women their own age, so get in touch if you'd like to hire a professional and experienced classic model for your next project or runway show. :)

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Show originally aired FEBRUARY 16, 2010

Show re-aired FEBRUARY 9, 2018
on the TOGETHER channel togethertv.com

Photographer Credits
In order  - mouse-over pauses slideshow

Elias Ulrich - Göttingen, Germany
Brian Brown - Dover UK
Serge Poppalaars - Holland
Bert Hamilton - Georgia USA
David J. Green - Sussex UK
Hector Pena - New York USA
George Otigbah - Newcastle UK
Dennis Galante - NY,NY USA
Sharan Rai - Reading UK
Gregory Brown - Battersea UK
Brian Rawson - New York USA
Donna Kelly - Arizona USA
David Hickey - California USA
Stuart Gardner - London UK
Jonathan Coleman - Chester UK
I can do voice-over work.  I've also been doing radio shows for various independent stations in the UK.  I've also had the great fortune to present aboard some of the radio ships associated with the old days of Pirate Radio in England. I am a summer regular in Harwich presenting for Radio Mi Amigo aboard the LV18.
Derrick Lee
MICKI and (my husband) STEVE
Markus Richter - Germany
Published in SHE magazine (page 52)  February issue 2010
  as part of a reality show I had the pleasure to be a part of called
  KITCHEN SINK TO CATWALK - Aired Feb 16, 2010 on the Bio Channel - UK
Published in TOP SANTE magazine (page 23) June Issue 2010
  in an article called "Naturally Beautiful" about the gap between my front teeth
 Published as Cover Model in The Serpent magazine, issue #1, March-May 2006
  Pages 56-61 -  Issue 3 July - August 2006  - Pages 68-72
Published in Skin Two magazine, issue #51, Spring '05, page 63
  (Article about Markus Richter) Image chosen by Editor
Published in The Guild by the Guild of Erotic Artists, 2005, Volume 1, page 45
  (Article about Dave Ayerst Davies) Image chose by Editor
Published in The Master Photographer - March 2003 issue, page 21
  (Featuring the photography of Brian Brown) Award winning photo
Published in 18 pages of the book Massage For Wimps by Mary O'Leary
  Paid Feature - published in the UK, USA and Australia in Nov 2003
Websheet - featured on Wolf Kettler's web site (part of 'Electric Shock' series)
'Kitchen Sink to Catwalk'
was produced by the same people who produced 'Britain's Next Top Model'. Our mentor was London designer Scott Henshall.

I lived in a house in London with five other women over the age of 40 for 2-1/2 weeks. We lived the life of a model each day, complete with photo shoots and castings. It was an intense adventure and I wouldn't have missed it for the world! They cut my hair even shorter and dyed it nearly black. That was so strange at first. I have since gone back to my natural colour.
Angie           Micki         Karen   Jazmine       Sam        Chris
                                                Photo by Paul Shanley

Sample of my abstract  work - "Caress"  - Acrylic on canvas
I work in acrylic, pastel and charcoal. 

I love to draw and paint.  I worked for years as a typesetter and paste-up artist.  I graduated into sign work and owned my own neon sign shop until I moved to England.
Micki is an accomplished artist, working mostly in acrylics and pastels.  She has been sewing since she was nine years old.
 LONDON OLYMPIA 50+ RUNWAY SHOW July 2011, 2012, 2013 & 2014


I love to sew and I have recently discovered 16" Fashion Dolls.  I've always loved Barbie dolls and have a nice collection of old and new. 16" dolls are so much easier to sew for than Barbie who is only 11-1/2".

This is 'Carrie' a doll by Robert Tonner.  She helped me design a patriotic Union Jack frock in anticipation of the London 2012 Summer Olympics.  This is one outfit in a series of eight that I designed for display during the Olympics  Link to my doll site:  

                                        click here
Antoinette - a doll by Robert Tonner. Batwing dress recycled from a T-shirt  

Photo by David J Green

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MODELS, MUA's, Stylists and Others:
*Chrissie, *Mayan Lee, Ivanaka, Peabo (Micah Powell), Natasha, Poseidon, Chantelle, *Toni Acey, Karen Koenig,*Lady J (Julia), Nef Jones, Helen Worger, Samone, Julissa Mercado, EYE-lene!, *White Events, Thumbs Up Productions

* Indicates I have worked with that person or group multiple times 

I worked as the Senior Administrator for One Model Place for over 12 years.  I had 8,952,167 views on my portfolio before they launched the new site where there are no hit counters.  I have 51 showcase awards on my photos.

I love to take photos.  I take them almost every day and own a Sony NEX-6.  I also adore painting and sewing.
Sharan Rai - Reading, England
66 (born 1956)
35 - 29 - 36
Dress 12
Shoes 6 - Boots 7
Space between
two front teeth
No Tattoos
Pierced Ears (only)
Currently very short
Upon request
Selective TFP - No Nudity
Unfortunately the runway show at Olympia
 was cancelled in 2015
2015 - Radio Mi Amigo -Presenting live as 'Neon Nancy'
Silkspike Dolls
email me